Depression awareness

Everything feels cold, seems gray, I feel like I’m watching the world through thick water, heavy water weighing on my chest, I hear sounds too loud or not at all, the thought of getting out of bed is overwhelming, I don’t know what to do in life, in the big, scary world outside. So I lay here and time is just a concept and days or nights they pass by, it’s like I feel everything and nothing at all.
This, for me, is a part of how depression feels and probably much more people than we would expect out there can relate to this.
For me, especially now that here in Germany the cold winter months start, this is something very important to talk about.
Depression is a mental illness that many people are affected with. While working in a psychiatry, I recognize that the amount of people coming in because of depression, suicidal thoughts or a suicide attempt is high and rising now in the winter months. All different kind of people are affected. Young or old, male or female, people with all kind of nationalities, lawyers or people that don’t work, a mother and wife, a single boy. Depression is nothing that your outside circumstances create. Of course, people that had a traumatic experience in their life or just lost their job or lifepartner are more likely to develop a depression, but even people that you would say: „their life is actually fine!“, they may suffer from depression too.
Depression just like any other illness if it’s mental or physical is nothing you have to be ashamed of. It’s not a weakness of you or your character, it’s not lazyness or something you made up as an excuse. Depression means, important brain hormones are not working how they should.

So get yourself help. Allow yourself to say „yes, I am depressed“ and „Yes, I need help“. You will get help, you will find people that understand you and you will get better.